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  • DG12
    Thanks for you continued support.
    I just realized that the page https://community.fing.com/categories/fingbox-feature-requests has this little gray box at the left of each entry which appears to be a "vote for me" button!
    Perhaps a statement on the top of the page stating that would generate more responses!
    September 11
  • Meerkat
    Hi Violet. I have just joined the community and I have the app. @Hronos told me about the link to the knowledge base article describing why Apple devices aren’t accessible to be able to establish the device/model info. We have 7 devices (so I’m a sucker for punishment). Two were correctly identified in the setup scan. I can give you the MAC addresses to the remaining 5 if they would be of any use. I’m a novice at this sort of stuff but I have deduced (correctly?) that the address varies for each build. If you want them do I just do a post to you?
    September 9
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