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  • bakryhetta

    I am sorry if i hardly understand your words .

    You did not tell me practically how i can use these randomly generated keys ,is it by using an application program ? or using an external device to generate the keys ? . If i want to use thesy randomly generated keys ,what steps one by one , please .If any device or application program is required please mention them .

    Be informed that now i hav no any strangers on my network,by using the network security by mac address filtering .

    Thanks a lot .

    November 3
    • SimoneSpinozzi
      it's not an external program. It's very ultra-basic basic network security.

      You have to set up a WPA2 protection on you router.

      If you go to your router setup page (where you have set up your whitelist) you can generate a WPA2 key.

      But the problem is that every router sets it up in a different way. So i cannot be as specific as needed if you don't even know what a WPA key is.

      Second problem is: if you don't even know how to set it up... you would (essentially) see yourself cut off from your own internet the moment you insert that protection. Aaand then you would be unable to even ask for help.

      But essentially check what network you are connected to.. and once you get cut off because you have inserted a WPA2 key... reconnect to that network and give the same key.

      The easiest way would be to ask somebody you know to teach you the basic steps to set it up while on the phone, possibly not a VoIP phone or the moment you set up the protection... you would also need to tell the phone... or it gets cut off. 😅

      These are a couple of very basic guides on how to do it. But they all take given that you know at least a bit... which you obviously do not.

      I hope you will still be able to connect to the internet since there is an high chance you do not know what you are doing. I advice you read both. And then get some help from somebody to basically tell you what you do not know or what you are missing

      It's still better if you do it yourself, because that way you will learn... but not knowing what is your setup... i know there will be problems, because specific always beats generic. 😅 So... uhm... keep somebody handy and good luck i guess.


      It's basically like setting up a lock on your door from the outside... and then remembering that you have to get back inside.

      What you have right ow is your router acting as a bouncer and he has to both let the stuff you need inside and outside... and then also check who is bringing said stuff inside and outside. Buuuut instead of asking for an ID once and then telling them "no" it's doing it for each single item they try to bring in and out. And every time they show up at your door just to look inside.

      It's bad because it overloads your router pretty easily (internet slows down and then stops) and also because it keeps it running hot (and running hot is always bad for electronic devices). Basically you will have to turn it "off and on again"™ very often. Especially during the summer.

      It works... but it works in a bad way, basically.
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