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  • JediArcher

    Hello My Name is Jason and I was part of the ingdo investment group and have enjoyed my fingbox since the launch. However recently I found my device brinked for the first ever, and I tried to hit the reset button and the button broke off inside and I was unable to reset the device. I'm not sure if you guys can help, but I won't to be able to continue to use my free subscription and recieve another product asap. I'm not sure if it under warranty, but I believe in your products, and would even consider investing more into the company soon, for further development, plus I would love to open a kiosk somewhere close by and teach people about your products and perhaps become an authorized dealer.

    But first thing is first, I need a replacement fast that allows the migration of my old subscription lol.

    August 9
  • edsver
    Hi Robin.  Thanks for your answer.  I´m not sure if this is the way to DM you.  I don´t have fingbox, just the desktop and phone apps.  I installed fing in the device (laptop) I wanted to verify bur logged with the gmail account of the laptop´s owner.  A new free account.  I intalled fing desktop in my personal laptop and upgraded my account.  Then I selected the device I wanted to analyze and enabled the notifications option in that device using the fing desktop in my laptop.  To test if was going to work, I quit from the wifi network in the client´s laptop and wait for my fing program in my laptop or phone to detect and register this, but it didn´t even detect it was disconected.  It just said it was active since the first time fing detected that device in the network.  Then I changed in my laptop  for that device the time from automatic to 1 minute and waited, but never detected it.  I´m not sure if here I can share my account email.  Could you confirm me this?  Or DM is in other place?  Thanks again.
    July 16
  • Shawn_Michael

    Hello robin thanks for replying, is there anyway to change this information every time i get on line i see transaction going on my system i go to a powershell and type netstat -ant and it displays the

    July 11