Very Pleased with the initial release of the Windows Desktop version.  Install went well on Windows 10 Home. Been using the iPad / iPhone version for some time, and was terribly disappointed when Apple decided to ignore hardware (MAC) addresses..  Started running it on an Android media box connected to my tv.  It was able to see the MAC addresses, and the two platforms seemed to share the information well.The Windows desktop version seems to use the same files also.  Generally the integration is good.Using an ATT router in the house, It does not want to keep the IP addresses for any device.  while you can force DHCP to issue specific IP addresses to specific MAC addresses, it only works for awhile.  Then the router forgets the assignment and goes back to issuing random addresses from the pool.  Fing seems to want to use the IP address as the device identifier, and when DHCP changes it, Fing seems to think it is a new device, or that the information from the previous IP address assignment is merged with the new information and mixes DHCP and Bonjour information with the current information.The only way I can keep specific devices correctly named is to export the file to Excel and associate the device  MAC with the name I have given it.  Most of the smart home devices show up as UnknownXXXX  where XXXX is part of the MAC address and a name of something like Expressif ('the manufacturer of the WIFI device).  They are no longer putting MAC addresses on the outside of the device. So it is a real problem finding the hardware and naming it.