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Strictly speaking Wi-Fi isn't a language, but if you consider that this is a way of communication -like a language- then the comparation may be correct.
Chinese is the most speaked language, close to 1,3 billion people, followed by Spanish, English, Hindi, etc. ( Babbel Magazine Nov '18).
Sorry! ... Wi-Fi is the most speaked language, more than 12 billion antennas :-) really far from Chinese.
(Wi-Fi Alliance® ’17 Wi-Fi® predictions | Wi-Fi Alliance Jan '17).
And the IOT era have just started, being Wi-Fi one of the preferred vehicles to communicate all those devices ... just at the beginning?, true, but it's awesome the first time that you run Fing app and you can see all the devices that FingBox have smelt into your home network, in my case more than 12, and although you can think that's impossible when you start to count devices: 4 mobiles, 3 tablets, a pair of desktops, 2 laptops, etc. is when you realise that you need some help to manage all that mess thinking in the forthcoming increase of devices that will be around you in the next couple of years.
Voice assistants are funny. Siri, Alexa,  Mrs. Ok, Cortana, etc. So funny that my Fing App shows now 45 devices discovered by FingBox,  ... and it's the beginning?.
When IOT became a daily facility elsewhere, there would be two kind of people: those that use Fing to admin his growing WI-FI garden :-) and those that very soon will start to use Fing.
Think about start your IOT singladure with these tools in mind or it will grow an I'di'OT situation in terms of security, fiability, operator service and control of your Wi-Fi network.

It is worth Fing tools or is it a gadget more.



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    TBH I'd totally disagree. WiFi is no more a means of communication akin to language than an Ethernet cable port is. I get where you're coming from, but the one thing all these have in common is are having a IP and Mac addresses. This is true if it's hardwired or wireless.

    Not everything the Fingbox picks up is connected wirelessly - for example in my home it picked up the following wired items: 2 Eeros, a Color Laser Jet, my hardwired Mac, my Sony BluRay player, 2 receivers, and my Synology NAS - well over 30% of the total devices on the Network.
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    Moving this over to the Devices and Security thread to keep the conversation going.

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    This category is also meant to cover IoT as well. 

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