Additional device-type icons

I would like additional device-type icons to represent the following classes of device:
  • Cluster member servers (for example, individual machines in a Docker swarm)
  • Clusters (as a whole; for example, the address used for load-balancing by a swarm)
  • IPMI addresses (to distinguish those addresses for servers from their primary addresses)
  • For smart homes, an icon to let me distinguish specialized/local controllers (i.e., the separate controllers I have for Philips Hue lights, for smart locks, or the ZigBee network bridge, for example) from overall controllers (i.e., the Node-RED/MQTT-based server that ties everything together).
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  • Ciaran
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    Thank you for these suggestions The icons used are the icons currently used on the Fing App. I will add these suggestions to another thread we have runnin in relation to icon suggestions.
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)