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This discussion was created from comments split from: How do you get a picture icon in the Fing App for the default user?.
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  • Caroline
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    I log into the app with my email, not my google id, and I only get a generic avatar in the top right of the app (android and on the web), no choice of being able to use my own pic, just one of the generic avatars.  I can add people with their own pics, but can't get my account avatar to be a pic instead of one of the generic avatars :(
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    Hi @Caroline
    As of now, we have not applied this feature to assign your own picture to your account but only to users, you create in Fing App. This is a nice suggestion and can be taken onboard. I am splitting this discussion into a separate post and creating into an idea. Make sure to upvote this if you want this to be implemented.
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