IDEA: Suspend App alerts for a time period option

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I have a number of devices in my home security system that are on the wireless network.  All of these devices have the “Alert me when state changes” setting turned on.  Occasionally, I need to reset my wireless router for various reasons.  When the router comes back on line, I am flooded with Fing alerts for devices that went offline, and again when the devices come back on line.  Every one of my mobile devices as well as my email account receives these alerts, requiring quite a bit of clean-up.  It would be nice to have an option in the app that would temporarily suspend state change alerts for a selected time, say 15 minutes.  After the elapsed time, the alerts would be automatically re-enabled, in case the user forgets.  Antivirus programs have a similar option that allows a user to temporarily suspend AV protection for a short period of time to allow software installations that would be difficult if AV protection were enabled.

Anyone else see value in an enhancement like this?
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