Prevent spoofed MAC addresses from connecting to my network

We have parental controls set on our Google Nest Wifi but our son who is 15 has figured out how to spoof his MAC address to bypass the restriction. Are there any solutions to this?

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    Are you using fingbox? If yes, you could activate the auto-block of new devices. Means every time a new device / MAC-address will be connected to your LAN / Wifi, it'll be blocked by fingbox.
    Another idea, you could generate guest-wifi (i don't know the google-devices) and limit the IP-range to one IP just for one device, like @JohnDoe1 mentioned. The idea of guest-wifi is, that you don't need to touch other devices within your LAN.
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    @Mozarella uses the same process I do: Automatically block new devices. You do this from the Fing App by tapping on your account, then tapping on Settings of '[your network name]' and turnning on Automatically block new devices. You need to have a Fingbox for this functionality.

    When a new device connects to your network you will then have to go into Fing to enable network access (at the same time you can assign to a user and ensure that the description of the device is meaningful to you.

    I think this is just a best practice in managing your home network anyway and ensure you know what is going on, near real-time to when it happens. 


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    Hmm, that's an interesting dilemma. My first answer is to take all of his devices away and give him a LeapFrog. My second answer is to deploy a client based solution onto his device(s). I use Sophos Premium at home, which is available on most platforms, and includes white/black listing. I suggest doing a free trial on your own device and see if it works for you. They are having a 50% off sale right now, which is a pretty good deal.

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    Assign IP for all your devices. Set the limit on IP range. Schedule access for  your son stuff by IP or MAC.
    Let me know if it works...
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