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Here is a short summary of common questions that get asked about Fing App often on the community. If you spot others that should be in this post, please add them to the comments below and we'll update this post as necessary! 

How do I delete my Fing account?

Set-up a new discussion in the Fing App category, and Fing Team will open a ticket to delete your account. We can only do this manually via our support ticketing system. Fing support and community team will process these requests between 9-6PM UK time Monday-Friday.

Why can’t I see XYZ device in my Fing App device list? Why do I see GENERIC devices?
On iOS 11+ Apple blocked access to the ARP table which means we can no longer get device details by MAC address. We identify devices on a best effort basis.

On Android 10+ we’re facing the same issue. However, we’ve just released a Beta Test which fixes this. Join the Beta Test. We'll let you know any update on a full roll-out for Android 10. 

To help mitigate device identification issues, we’re also launching a desktop version of Fing App called Fing Desktop. This will significantly improve device identification information. We will launch the Beta Test very soon, so sign-up now to try the new product

Updated: 1 November 2019

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  • donfing
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    None of the links work.   I get the emails and follow the instructions.   This is all I see: 
    Help, please ! 
  • Ciaran
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    The links for the Beta will not give permission to the Beta area unless you are part of the Beta group. If you would like, access please Direct Message me and I will send you instructions. Thanks
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)