Ability to Print data/reports

lelandleland Member, Beta Tester Posts: 6
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It would be nice to be able to print the data either to paper or PDF for future reference.  Could you add either a button or menu for this please.  Thanks.
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  • mozarellamozarella Member, Beta Tester Posts: 127
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    @leland don't forget to vote too
  • CiaranCiaran Administrator Posts: 1,177
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    Thanks. And yes, as @mozarella advises, if you like any of these ideas, dont forget to 'Upvote'. These will then help to shape what is possible moving forward
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  • lelandleland Member, Beta Tester Posts: 6
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    Thanks for the reminder to upvote. 
  • ttaylorg1ttaylorg1 Member, Beta Tester Posts: 2
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    Agree this would be a really helpful feature.
  • PippinPippin Member Posts: 1
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    Printing of reports would be a great enhancement
  • ballenballen Member, Beta Tester Posts: 5
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    I agree! I'm changing over from dsl to cable this week and going from 2 routers to one....I did to a copy and paste of the list of devices but a formatted version would really be a nice feature.
  • BnelmsBnelms Member Posts: 5
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  • AcmeanvilAcmeanvil Member Posts: 1
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    Yes please, this would be extremely handy
  • Hector_clHector_cl Member Posts: 1
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    Si un informe y si en la opción de pago permiten ponerle logos propios genial

  • HamsterFangsHamsterFangs Member Posts: 2
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    and an option to export the data, please
  • OverlyawareOverlyaware Member Posts: 3
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    I just screenshot it but being able to export to Excel or Power BI would save me a lot of typing!

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