Question regarding roaming on a mesh network

I setup two routers in a mesh network. For reference, these are two Portal Wifi routers. The wifi is up and running and I have devices connected to the LAN ports which also seem to be working properly. My question is regarding roaming. 
I have a wifi printer connected to the router in the den. When I scan for clients in the den, I see the printer in my client list (as expected). However, when I go to the living room and scan for clients, I don't see the printer anymore (and, as a result, I cannot print). Same thing for devices connected to my living room router. I see my sound bar (as an example) which is connected to the router in the living room but when I scan for clients in the den, I don't see the sound bar. 
In a network, shouldn't all the clients be visible, irrespective of location. The problem is when I'm trying to print from the living room, my phone cannot find the printer. Similarly, when I try to control the sound bar from the den, I cannot do it since it doesn't find the sound bar. 
Does that mean that the devices are not on the same network? Or the mesh has not configured properly? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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    "Does that mean that the devices are not on the same network? Or the mesh has not configured properly? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. "

    Two routers on a network need to be set up to have different subnets so one does not talk to the other. Routers are the network device that hands out IP address to clients joining the network. eero wifi is one example where the first device you connect and set up becomes the router handling the traffic and additional erro's added become extensions of the network and create a mesh. Short answer two routers on the same network can create two seperate networks. 
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    Connecting two WiFi routers does not create a mesh network - it creates two LANs. Both networks have different DHCP address ranges, and their own default gateway. This is why your devices cannot communicate. You need to connect the second router into bridge mode so that it does not function as a gateway, but rather as an access point. Still, this is not a mesh network, but it will solve your problem for all intents and purposes.
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    Thanks for the responses! I did some more research after I posted this message and everything lines up with what was posted here. It seems that since most of these devices start up in router mode, it was creating two separate networks. I did attempt to change the wifi routers to access points but unfortunately, the Portal Wifi router will also switch off the wifi when in bridge mode. This doesn't work for me as my ISP's router doesn't have wifi capability. I decided to return these routers and look for alternatives. Now that I know what to look for, I will be more mindful. Thanks for the responses!
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    Thanks @SonicS for the great question and also @vulcansheart and @ktower101 for the answers.
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