Device details suddenly replaced with ‘generic’

Hi My fingbox has for a long time always identified my devices which were customised to individual owners, and kept a log of connectivity for each device.

i just opened my app and first time ever all the details for every device has been replaced with ‘generic’ and the history is gone and replaced with first connected with today’s date.

how can I get all the information and history back? Nothing unusual has occurred with my fingbox, it’s even been unplugged before and never lost the data. What can I do?

i use the app on my IPhone and yes I have recently (like a week ago?) updated to the latest IOS. When I updated for the last version though, this never happened. Help please!!



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    Hi @Lov3_tech and welcome to the forums.  A couple of things...  Please make sure you are logged into the app with your fingbox account and that you see your fingbox in the network name on top of the app.  2nd, make sure you've granted the app location permission which is key for ios13 and greater.

    From Fings support site..

    What happens if I do not want to grant locations permissions?

    If you do not grant location permissions, the result is:

    • The app cannot show the name of the Wi-Fi (the name will appear empty)
    • The app cannot differentiate between Wi-Fi networks, so each scan will restart from scratch. Previous customizations will also not be loaded for that network.
    Hope this helps...

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    Hi @Lov3_tech
    Welcome to Fing Community and its nice to have you here!
    Thanks @Marc for the information.
    Yes, I believe this is due to the new location permissions required by Apple on iOS13+.
    Could you enable all new location permissions and set to ALWAYS (well for best performance) and then clear the cache of your app data for Fing App - delete/re-install and see if that solves things for you?
    Let me know!

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