when I check networks it tells me "no networks saved"

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I'm definitely a newbie to Fing and almost embarrased to ask this question. I can see everything logged in to my router and have done vulnerability tests, etc. but when I select "networks" it says "no networks saved".  How do you save a network?


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    Hi @hampsessions
    Thanks for your question and welcome to Fing! 
    If your networks aren't being stored, this could be because of your account or location permissions.
    • Are you logged into a Fing account. What information do you see when you access the web app? This would show you what your account has stored. https://app.fing.com/login 
    • What device are you using? Are you sure that you have all location permissions enabled and set to ALWAYS? This can sometimes impact the info Fing App can get and new location permissions are required on iOS13+. https://community.fing.com/discussion/830/ios-13-fing-app 
    If you can enable all location permissions and then delete/reinstall the app and Login to your account and save the networks again and then see if that fixes things it would be great.

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