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My name is Joel and im speaking as IT representative for a company that has a fingbox to scan our network.
This device was set up by a previous employee (not sure who) and now demands to be connected with the same account.

Is there a way to reset it so we can keep using the same fingbox? how should we proceed with this?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @itmural and welcome to the forums!  You will need to provide a bit of information to the Fing people in order to do this.  Note you might need physical access to the box to send photo's of the Mac address from the Fingbox as proof of ownership.  @VioletChepil from Fing should be able to lend a hand when she gets back on line with exactly what you will need to provide. note she is UK based.
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    Hi @itmural this one needs to be handled by our support team since we'll require sensitive information.
    I'm opening a ZenDesk ticket for you and they will take it from there by email. 

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