All D-Link router models DIR-655, DIR-866L, DIR-652 & DHP-1565 are now vulnerable

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Another day, another CVE. CVE-2019-16920 that effects any of the D-Link routers in the title. If you have any of these then consider your network is now, to all intents and purposes, exposed to the outside world and your router unpatchable.

Tech minded folk might be able to circumnavigate the issue on the DIR-866L or DHP-1565 by flashing DD-WRT. Everyone else? Buy a replacement router ASAP.

D-Link have confirmed that they will not be fixing this as they consider these models as "End-of-life". 

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    Ouch!  Thanks for the info @Pooh.
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    This always gets me thinking how old is too old.  One of the routers affected, the DIR-615 was introduced in 2009, 10 years ago....  Computer kit is not like a toaster where it either works or it doesn't.  There are nuances to it like software/firmware where though the functionality as originally designed still functions, external factors like standards changing and attack vectors create a situation where it's just not feasible to keep it on the air.  And of course there is no economical incentive for the company that makes them to keep upgrading the firmware.  Too bad DD-WRT isn't available for a larger swath of hardware.
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