Will the fingbox report when my Comcast public IP has changed?

blue2blue2 Member Posts: 5
I don't have a fingbox yet, but I will get one IF (on top of all the other stuff it does) I can use it to remotely discover my new public IP address when it changes due to a power outage or whatever. If so, how does it work? (email, fing app, etc....) I searched all the community posts, but found nothing definitive.
Thanks in advance!
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This idea is in progress and will be launched soon.

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  • PoohPooh Posts: 675 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Welcome @blue2 to the community.

    No, the Fingbox will currently not warn you of a changed external IP address change. 

    That said, this might be a good idea to add in the Fingbox idea requests where other users can vote on it!
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  • blue2blue2 Member Posts: 5
    Thank you Pooh Bear. Too bad -- it should be an easy feature to add to the product. I was ready to buy one for that feature alone. Looks like I'll be getting a Raspberry Pi instead. I think I already saw someone else on the forum mentioned it would be nice, but I thought it was an old post.  I'll take your advice and put in an idea request. Thanks again!
  • Carlo_from_FingCarlo_from_Fing Rome, ItalyAdministrator Posts: 74 admin
    At the moment this is detected and reported in the fing app, in the event list.
    It's not wired to email/notification/triggers though.
    Best approach for us is to check if we could create an IFTTT trigger so that you will be able to plug it to whatever you need, like e.g. Mail/SMS or even better some custom webhook.
    How would it sound?

    Carlo from Fing

  • blue2blue2 Member Posts: 5
    Just checking to make sure I understand. If I had a fingbox, after a power outage I could use the mobile fing app to discover my new Comcast public IP address by checking the events list on the fingbox installed on my home network using the mobile app. That's great, but adding an IFTTT tirgger function would be icing on the cake. Getting a notification of the change is much better than having to check the app if you think there might be a problem.
  • Carlo_from_FingCarlo_from_Fing Rome, ItalyAdministrator Posts: 74 admin
    Yes, exactly @blue2
    I confirm your request, previously requested many times by our users, even before community, is a quick win if done with IFTTT.
    IFTTT review process aside, I believe we can provide within end of October.

    Carlo from Fing

  • Carlo_from_FingCarlo_from_Fing Rome, ItalyAdministrator Posts: 74 admin
    OK so, you know we have a dense and challenging roadmap for the next months and each time we get a feature request we must assess it carefully.
    But this one was requested very many times in the past and also leveraging IFTTT proved to be a quick win.
    So this is to confirm you that it's done and as soon as new IFTTT Fing service will pass review, it'll be available to you!
    You will be able to wire it to any action, in my case below I tested with a slack message, but you will have full freedom of notifications/emails/SMS and even more webhooks to automate things.

    Carlo from Fing

  • VioletChepilVioletChepil London, UKAdministrator Posts: 2,231 admin
    Wow thanks @Carlo_from_Fing - I've changed this from a discussion to an idea and will update the status accordingly! 

    Community Manager at Fing

  • VioletChepilVioletChepil London, UKAdministrator Posts: 2,231 admin
    @pooh thanks for flagging I've moved that one over too :) 

    Community Manager at Fing

  • Carlo_from_FingCarlo_from_Fing Rome, ItalyAdministrator Posts: 74 admin
    That was fast.
    IFTTT review just completed and the new feature is available to all of you.
    We just created a sample applet for you, that is sending an email when Internet IP changes:

    Please remember that if you manually add the applet in IFTTT you'll be able to change the actions, like e.g. have a mobile notification instead or even having a webhook called, very useful for dynamic DNS and such automations.

    Carlo from Fing

  • blue2blue2 Member Posts: 5
    Yes, that was quick. Thanks -- can't wait to give it a try when my Fingbox arrives.
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