Reset results in broken reset button??

direwulfdirewulf Posts: 1Member, Beta Tester
Seriously... who put that reset hole there?  I used a pin and gently tried to reset my fingbox, and the no luck... a needle fell inside, so I use my set of phone tools and open the box up to retrieve, and find that the tiny rest button was already seperated from the mainboard with no way I could solder or put it back together.  So now I am out a box because I can't get the app to find the box, and it just sits at a white led.  :(


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    @direwulf, if this is still in Warranty the crew from Fing might still be able to help you.  How long have you owned it?  @VioletChepil or @Robin, could this be a warranty claim for @direwulf?
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    Thanks for reporting @direwulf I'm creating a support ticket out of this thread and our team will be in touch regarding RMA/processes etc. and to collect more details! 

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