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Has any one else encountered the issue that the internet performance clips at a certain value, whereas the speed is perfect? On regular cases my box clips at 90Mbps. I then powercycle the puck, and all is well for the next couple of weeks..
Regards, Rob


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    Hi @Rob1967 we had an issue over the weekend which has seen been resolved. Could this have impacted you?

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    A bit more information on speed tests in general. 
    The Internet Speed Test aims at giving you a measure of a realistic speed achievable with real Internet services, not a formal speed sustainable just within the “last mile”.

    For example, is provided by Netflix to measure the real speed to the closest Netflix video servers. is a commercial service getting its revenues from selling the data to service providers and, by default, it gives you the speed to a server within your service provider network, not the speed of a service on the global Internet.

    The Fingbox Internet Speed Test is provided by our partner Measurement Lab, one of the most trusted independent labs for network measurement, backed by academic institutions and used by Google and other large Internet companies.
    Given the different location of test servers and unique methodology, M-Lab test results may differ from other commercial services. M-Lab servers are located in the most important exchange nodes of the global Internet, you can see the test locations here
    Speed Tests from both the Fing App and Fingbox is not meant to be an absolute test of a connections abilities. The test is intended to give you an average or baseline of your networks performance.

    It acts as a known reference point to refer to letting you know when things have changed or are not working the way they normally do. If the results change from their normal range, the user should look into more detailed test to see what is causing the issue.

    Speed Test runs at a low priority and can be interrupted by other programs that take priority over the test. This can cause lower than expected results.

    Let me know any other information you may need!

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