Push custom dns to DHCP clients

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My provider makes use of the Experiabox 10A which lacks functionality to use a custom DNS. So making use of OpenDNS and others is not possible. Would Fingbox be able to push around dns settings?



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    Hi @Italic , Fing and Fingbox are not DHCP servers so that’s not possible. Sorry, probably not the answer your looking for. I guess if you could disable the DHCP function of your router, perhaps you could set up something like a Raspberry PI that could handle dhcp requests and from there set it to push your custom dns settings?

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    Thanks a lot @marc for the answer. Yes, @Italic Fingbox is not acting as a DNS or DHCP server and doesn't have this capability. 
    We don't have plans for these type features at present, but you could request such features here! 

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