Internet pause/device blocking with Huawei HG659

Hi Fing Community,

I have just purchased a Fingbox and am using it with a Huawei HG659 router (iprimus Australia). I have disabled ipv6 as well as all of the router firewall/intrusion protection options but cannot get device blocking or internet pause to function.

I'd appreciate suggestions to get these features working anybody can offer?




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    Hello @DocG, welcome to the community!

    I'm thinking that thiscrouter may potentially not be compatible with the Fingbox.

    I say this first because I found a page out on the caternet that lists routers that are incompatible with the Circle (which performs some similar functionality) here:

    in addition, the HG633 is listed as problematic with the Fingbox here:

    @Robin & @Carlo_from_Fing would either of you be able to comment further?

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    @Pooh correct answer, linking the specific KB article.
    As per article, only the device blocking, internet pause and bw analysis features are limited, all the rest of Fingbox will work.
    That router is preventing Fingbox to use the technique to intercept/block traffic.
    Since Fingbox is just an endpoint and not in the gateway path, when router blocks those techniques, there is no way to achieve, unless being in the router itsel.

    Carlo from Fing