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My Fingbox keeps sending out SNMP traffic.  My networking may be a little bit rusty but I don't think I have any listeners on my local network.  In fact, I have individual firewalls on most machines that would flat out refuse this traffic.  My question I guess would be is there some sort of comprehensive technical document that outlines everything that the Fingbox is doing so that I can better understand how it functions and if something is off?
Another question, and this is sort of related -- when the Fingbox does a scan for open ports, what is the exact nmap command that its using?  Is it doing a SYN stealth scan or something more overt?


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    What tells you it's using NMAP?

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    We don't have any comprehensive technical document as such, but that knowledge will be acquired on the community and its also available in our Knowledge Base support articles. The more questions asked on the community the richer the information will become.

    Protocol Stack
    I've checked in with our developers on the protocol stack. 
    The protocol stack is custom-made (not using NMAP), and can analyze a number of protocols including ARP, DHCP, DHCPv6, DNS, mDNS, Bonjour, NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP.

    Vulnerability Test
    The vulnerability test, includes a port scan and internal router audit. 
    The Remote Scan Test performs a port scan on your public Internet address (the individual numerical address visible to the public when you are online) to see which ports are open to the external world: these are the open doors into your home, and you should make sure to have only the strictly necessary ones open.

    The Internal Router Audit checks the router addresses, the NAT configuration and whether or not  UPnP or NAT-PMP is activated. In the house metaphor, this would be the equivalent of checking the security measures placed inside the building in case an intruder did make it through the door.

    More information on how the vulnerability test works is available here:
    Let me know any further details you may need.

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