Does ANYONE understand the Digital Fence?

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I can’t make head nor tail of it. What do the bars represent? What does any of it mean?
Is there anyone who has worked it out - I would love to know!


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    Hey @Uncle_Arthur, the digital fence in conjunction with a Fingbox, can show you wireless devices that fing has seen over time within the range of FingBoxes Antenna (About 15 meters).  The bars are supposed to show QTY of devices at a given time, but its really just a visual representation to show you where there were more devices at this time, less at another.  I guess if the bars had a scale, it might be a bit more useful.  If you drill down into the devices, you can also see a bar representing signal strength of that device.

    This link will take you to a pretty good primer written by @VioletChepil from Fing.

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