Best app to bring all of your smart devices together?

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What would be the best way to bring all of your smart devices together and run from one application?
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    Well, depends on what you mean by bringing all of them together? From my perspective it means home automation and there are many different applications (or systems rather) that allows to control all more or less smart devices at home. Majority of big players focuses on their own, frequently proprietary systems (Phillips Hue, Samsung SmatrThings, Xiaomi Aquara, IKEA Tradfri, etc.). Perhaps Apple with HomeKit is slightly different, as they only provide controll hub and expect other manufacturers to integrate into environment. These systems frequently use some industry wide communication standards like ZWave, ZigBee, WiFi to use their own components and that by accident opens the way to other manufacturers components be integrated into same solution as they share protocols. If we talk about full integration, there are only few solutions that really take hollistic approach to integrate as many components as possible to single systems. OpenHAB or Home Assistant are just two, probably most popular.... Personally I'm big fan and use the latter one. It allows to integrate almost 1500 (!) different ecosystems into one (at the moment) and this number is growing. Obviously it comes by the cost... not the money you need to pay, since it is open source, free for everyone, by integration of so many systems together is not easy task for the end user. It requires some technical knowledge and programmer way of thinking. By no mean it is plug and play, even if this is one of the goals of the project to make is as sinple as possible. If you look at whole spectrum of components that can intgrate into Home Assistant ecosystem, you will find:
    - sensors (weather, temperature, wind, light intensity, system monitoring, movement, presence and many many more, including custom, user defined one)
    - lighting (Phillips Hue, Smart Things, ZigBee, ZWave, Tradtri, Bosh....)
    - media players (Apple TV, Google Play, Geaos, Sonos, Sony, Samsung, Android....)
    - text to speech, 
    - blinds, awings, garage doors, gates, locks...
    - remote controls (Logitech Harmony, ZWave or ZigBee buttons, FR433 inegration)
    - integrations with other services (IFTTT, social media. local news, postal/delivery, local services)
    - notifications...
    the list can go on and on...
    BTW, I'd love to fing being one of those native integrations! Turning it into presence sensor triggering some home automation (for example) would be great!


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    Sorry to say, there are none* and that's unlikely to change any time soon.

    Things, by and large, have their own protocols and APIs, some which may be open, others not so.

    Some things support standards such as Apple's Homekit and thus can be controlled by it, others support Samsung's Smarthings, others still...

    Well, you get the picture.

    The trick is to probably first decide on a standard, then by Things that have been certified with that standard. It is entirely possible to find things that have been certified to work with several frameworks, others only one, some not at all.

    Unlike Middle-Earth's legendary 19 Elveish Rings, you'll not find a single app to bind them...

    *Apps like Yonimi claim to do just this, but claims and reality are seldom well met.

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    Thanks @Kevlar! Great discussion point :) Just moving this over to the Devices and Security category and modifying the title slightly to draw more into this conversation! 

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    A few are coming to mind! 
    - Fingbox (our add-on for the Fing App) - we did have this vision when we developed the device to bring all devices together - but not be a home control system. 
    - @Domotz (also nice for remote management)
    - IFTTT 
    - Smart Things? (no direct experience on that one personally)
    When @Gidster returns perhaps he'll have some good ones to add as well. 

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    Maybe it could be a long term development plan, particularly as so many people are looking for an all in one solution?

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  • VioletChepilVioletChepil London, UKMember Posts: 2,474 admin
    Yes @Luca I guess so. I wonder if there are any other competing apps in this category that really give that full visibility and insight people are looking for? Would you say Fing does it best so far? 
    Hopefully Fing App on PC/MAC may provide some additional visibility over Fing App but below Fingbox.
    Issues are MAC addresses on iOS 11 (which I believe the PC/MAC versions overcome/help with).
    For control though, I do think @Domotz provides a very good solution without slowing the network and remaining device agnostic.
    I guess the issue with control systems is you need to have the devices that work with them? 

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    Yes, I guess so but always good to work towards something so that it can be incorporated in future thinking and planning.

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    The Fing and Fingbox can control the network access of things, but it can't help 'bring them together' so they can be controlled as a whole (is handle each sensor, report each metric, changeceach setting, in whole or in part), which is what I believe @Kevlar originally asked about.

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    Well, Violet, I must say I was alarmed but thinking Fingbox when I read with great relief that you and your fellow company members had the vision to secure all other smart devices with a Fingbox when you set out to create the Fingbox. I am still learning my way around Fing, but I am very excited to have found it and look forward to discovering more of what Fing can do for me.

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    Thanks @Lusu. Great to have you here too! 

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  • VioletChepilVioletChepil London, UKMember Posts: 2,474 admin
    @Pooh I guess the issue is with device integration for so many devices and systems. What are some of the best options from your view?
    Definitely Fing App/Fingbox are about visibility - we are definitely not a control system! 

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