Stand-alone server so that Fingbox does not have to connect in to the cloud some where to use it

I wish Fing would support an on-site server, so that it wouldn’t have to rely on a server in the cloud somewhere, I’d like it to be all self contained within my LAN.
The server, or "controller" (whatever to call it) could run in a docker container, or perhaps installed on a dedicated machine.   You could even offer to sell separate small device, like a rasberry pi, loaded with the controller/server to plug in to the LAN.  Hen allow Fingbox to be configured to connect to *that* server instead.  And have the app on my phone also connect to that server.  

Ubiquiti's Unifi products already offer such a setup. They provide a "controller" software that can be run anywhere in the LAN and all of the network devices connect to it.  Controller is responsible for keeping configuration backups, restoring, adopting new devices, visualization, logging, auditing etc etc.. 

This is much better for those conscious of having their data on the Cloud owned by someone else, and also makes use more independent, so that the devices that we own still function on our LAN without an internet connection, and also if the cloud service should ever disappear.
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    Just turning this one into an ideas thread so others can vote. Cast your vote if you'd like to see implemented too.

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