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I do not know absolutely anything about Bluetooth. Somebody's been coming in and out of my apartment and doing weird things I'm pretty sure there's a camera in here. I want to hook up a camera I bought and my Bluetooth device availability list came up and there's one says Max's room. When I go to pair with it it says it needs an app to open. Well the person I'm suspicious of his name is Max

Does that mean there's a camera or something in here because it's on my list. I went out in the hallway and it goes away by the garbage room and it was way past my neighbors so it's either my house my neighbors or one apartment across the hall how can I tell if it's in here and how can I find it or what should I do. Any help you can give me I would really appreciate it when I do run the check for hidden cameras it comes up with none but when I run the devices that Max's room does not show up thank you


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    If the walls are thin between yours and Max's apartment, it is possible for you to see devices in your neighbors apt that are bluetooth when you scan with your phone or PC...  Thats not to say there is no device in your apt, but I'm pointing out that there could be other explanations.  Also note most camera's do not run over bluetooth.  They usually transmit over WiFi or an ethernet connection.  They can use Bluetooth for setup between the device and something like a smart phone or tablet and once set up do not use that again.

    Does your lease allow you to change the locks on your apt to prevent folks from entering that your not comfortable with?
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