Fing App v3.0.0 Will Not Sign-In on Windows 11

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I have the v3.0.0 installed on my Windows 11 machine and I cannot sign-in. I've tried signing-in to the webapp first, copying Fing's so-called "magic" sign-in link and all I get is: 

Authentication Failed! Try with another link or check your connection!"

I can sign-in on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, and the web using Chrome or Firefox -- but NOT on Windows 11. I also changed my password as tech support suggested (even though I can sign in everywhere BUT Windows 11). I'm still waiting (5 days and counting). I am a Fing "premier" customer but thus far the only thing "premier" about the service has been the speed with which they took my money! 

Has anyone experienced this issue? If so, how did you work around or fix the issue?

Thank you in advance!



  • Karl_From_Fing
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    Hey @g33k247
    I can see you have a ticket with our Support channel regarding this, and you managed to rectify the issue. May I ask how you rectified this? It could be handy to share in case there are others experiencing the issue, or if there is something I may need my development team to look at as a potential bug/defect.
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    I am having the exact same issue so would like to know how to solve.