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I installed fing on my laptop (windows7). And created an account on your website.

When I'm connected, I have a problem : when it's time to make the link with the program I click on sign in. I put my id and password : I have an error message -> "Authentification failed ! Try with another link etc..." (see attached file)

When I copy the link (other solution), I've got the same message.
However, I'm connected to the Internet and I can visit any kinds of websites without any problem.

So, at this point,  it's impossible for me to use fing.

Can you help me please ?

By advance thank you

Best regards



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    Hi @Karl_From_Fing there seems to be an account authentication issue developing, would you take a look at this post please. Thanks in anticipation. Pixel.
  • Pnsky
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    Thanx for your message even if it doesn't help me at all. It seems like speaking off road.


  • Karl_From_Fing
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    Hey @pnksy
    Would you mind trying to access your account on a mobile app, and seeing if you're okay logging in/accessing the features?
    Additionally, if you could try logging in on the web app, and letting me know how you get on.