Fingbox Download Speeds

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My internet download speed, as tested using Fingbox, dropped from the usual ~300 Mbps to 94 Mbps on April 16 between 11:00am and 5:00pm and has remained there since. However, testing without the Fingbox shows the original speeds. What’s happened on 4/16? What is the speed my other network devices are seeing? Did the box go bad?

I’m new to using this and am worried that I may have inadvertently changed a setting or something.



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    I am having the same issue with speed loss too. What gives?

    Sorry guys, upon further investigation it was my provider (no names) 🤬 so no worries here 😊 Great product!

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    Hi @CarolSTC there are no settings within fingbox that would have an effect on the broadband speed so it’s nothing you’ve done. Try restarting the fingbox then see if the situation changes over a few days, if the problem persists try replacing the ethernet cable and let us know what happens.
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    I have this as well. Fing seems to use Mlab to test speed.

    If you pull up Mlabs speed test in a browser on a cabled computer it's mostly really bad results. If you pull up and run it you'll probably see a more realistic result closer to the speed you'd expect.