What happened to the Fing subscription that I paid for?

I paid for a year's subscription to Fing thru Itunes and my Fing account doesn't show I have any subscriptions at all. No premium feature access...


  • Marc
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    Hi @steve1bakerjr..  Are you using the same account you used when you paid for it?  Has this been working and now suddenly its not?  

    In the meantime, tagging @Dylan_From_Fing and @Karl_From_Fing for awareness.  Keep in mind it could take a business day or so for someone to respond.
    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
  • Karl_From_Fing
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    Hey @Marc
    Thank you for looping me in!
    @steve1bakerjr I have opened a support ticket for you in relation to this. Please respond via email at your earliest convenience.