Question on DNS resolution and custom targets not reachable

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    On a cursory glance, it looks like your first DNS entry, Google DNS is resolving the target but what I think is your router, is not able to resolve that entry for the domain

    For the 2nd one, if this is a windows workstation, others have mentioned the issue with custom targets not reachable when in fact they are when SSl is involved.  One thing I would ask is to clear up the entry issue first and rerun.  You can use which is the Google secondary DNS entry if you need a 2nd one to add.

    Adding @Robin_from_Fing and @Dylan_From_Fing for visibility.  Another possible Windows user with an issue.
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    @Robin_from_Fing @Dylan_From_Fing Did anyone manage to come up with an answer to the OP's question? I am having this same issue.
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    Hi All, 
    We are still working on a fix for this warning message. In the meantime, you can edit the custom targets website and remove all the website links from there or MUTE the warning and it should not notify you this warning anymore.
    For DNS error, when the Fing desktop is doing its normal health check while running in background, there are chances of unreliable DNS resolution by router and once it goes unstable then Fing desktop catches that and thus warns you. Once you refresh the scan then it is able to actively work and thus everything is normal on Fing desktop. 
    If you configure the router dns settings with then you will find there will be no errors or alerts. DNS resolution going unreliable by router is common. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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