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When scanning a network as a guest, I'm often flooded with Generic hits from the router.  It would be great if there were an option to filter these out and display all non-generic.   I usually end up sorting alphabetically so I can scroll to see the ones before and after "G" but that's an awkward solution, and I lose the ability to apply any other filters to the results since I'm using it for that.

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    Thanks @idea2go just turning this into an IDEA and moving it over to the feature suggestions area for Fing App!

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    I’m having similar problem but it started as one or two generic devices so deleted and then when refreshed 4 showed then seven etc. It’s like a virus replicating itself when delete one. Is this is an issue with the iPhone app or is it a hacker or virus. Not sure how to trace or confirm and discussion threads are cut and paste to articles that are useless. What is this issue and what is the resolution? Is it the app and if not how to trace devices and how to remove without future replication. I don’t have a block device option on the Fing app. I can only delete device.