Help please

Idk what this means. I’m assuming generic, but I can’t figure out what it is. 5th one down.

the one that says watch isn’t generic though. It’s an apple device. I’m confused


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    Thanks for the post. Any advice @Marc @Pixel

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    Hi @Stephie

    the watch entry, from the screenshot, just looks like a device that hasn’t been identified by Fing. When the device is connected to your network that situation might change. I’m not familiar with apple watches but assume they have normal wifi connectivity so when the watch is connected to your network it might be correctly identified.
    So the next course of action is to connect it via your network then check again, then if you still have problems please provide more details here, good luck.
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    If this helps, an Apple Watch will attempt to connect via whatever wifi network your phone connects through if it loses bluetooth connectivity from your phone.  This could have been a very short interval, hence not long enough for your router or Fing to pick up much info on the device.  

    One way to see if it was your Apple watch, turn bluetooth off from the phone and let the watch connect again to wifi and see if the info fleshes out some more on that entry.
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