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  • virg1505
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    Has anything come of getting API access to the data from our Fing boxes? I want to push alerts to Telegram
  • HappyChap
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    Could we have an update/comment from the Fing admins on here about this?

    It is the most popular feature request (over double the next most popular, which I believe you've already implemented - Fingbox/FingDesktop integration).

    Where does this feature on your roadmap based on it's popularity with your users?

  • Maya
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    The local API for fingbox was released guys, I'm actually using it for some time now...
  • JSchlackman
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    Maya said:
    The local API for fingbox was released guys, I'm actually using it for some time now...
    You sure about that? Because the Fing website says it is not available on Fingbox, only in the desktop app (and is a Premium only feature even on the app):

  • Aziel
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    Fwiw, there is a new local api where if you pay fing for a premium subscription AND have another device pinging the fingbox, you can query all the devices connected/ disconnected.

    But there is no free IFTTT where it'll send a POST to an arbitrary url when a device's state changes.

    So your shopping list:

    1. Premium subscription

    2. A raspberry pie which you program to run on a loop requesting the current connection status, and pinging whatever IoT services you wanted to alert of changes. You know, exactly what fingbox was advertised to do for you so you didn't need to do this in the first place

  • DarrenHill
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    And given HA has device tracking built into it, a lot of the functionality already exists there anyway and for free.

    Both Fing and IFTTT can go stick their money grab for our own data...
  • Aziel
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    Yea, most modern routers have at least some version of device tracking built in these days. I just wanted a device to push info when certain devices joined. But I guess fing is just a useless piece of plastic these days.

  • thurston
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    So let me get this straight.  I bought a fingbox and have been running it for years while waiting patiently for an api, and now I have to pay to get that?  That is odd.
  • Keyth21
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    I would love if the fingbox fence could trigger my cameras to either start recording or logging alerts. I find it's more accurate than motion sensing due to shadows, or PIR sensors due to range. Maybe could work with some of the bigger name camera companies to implement.

  • thefunkygibbon
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    So can i or can i not access API on my Fingbox which I paid good money for?  Been waiting for ages to get access to API and now it seems that it is something i have to pay MONTHLY for to access a local device on my own network.   I'm getting fed up with all of the features I used getting put into 'premium'.  why should i pay a monthly fee to 'unlock' a feature.   Absolute shark practice business model.  
  • Vicentejunior
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    Obrigado pela dicas