Why it’s important to choose an accurate and descriptive title for your post

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Hello all,

Welcome to the Fing Community, I’m loving all the new questions and discussions and we’ve all worked really hard so far to get things started. 

I just wanted to remind everyone about the importance of choosing an accurate and descriptive title for your discussions and questions. 

Descriptive titles let community members easily identify unanswered questions and recent discussions they can help answer. 


  • Title 1: Feature request

  • Title 2: Alexa support on Fingbox for automatically blocking devices

In the Title 2 example it’s very descriptive and can easily be identified by Fingbox users and Alexa advocates. 

During the launch phase I may help edit some of your titles to try to get more responses/answers etc. 

Let me know your comments below.

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    Amen to this. It's very difficult to pick out posts of interest or questions you can answer when they have generic titles (like #1 above), especially in an active forum (which I expect this will be). I'd like to read every post with care, but there are only so many hours in a day. Generic titles tend to be skipped.
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    Thanks a LOT @pwmeek this is definitely very important to help other community members know what they may be able to help answer! 

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    @TTUTT not sure if we've many Thai speakers here so it's probably best to use English.
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    Most people are unaware that there are VPN reviews that post technical and descriptive information that shows which are the most secure, the countries in which they have servers with links to where you can subscribe.  I have tried several and found Express VPN to be one of the most expensive but if you need a reliable server in Hong Kong, it would be a good choice.  Whichever choice you make, you would be advised to do some research BEFORE you sign on as you may find out that the one you signed on with doesn't have a server in one of the countries you want to connect to.  Don't waste your time looking for one in North Korea or similar countries that block all internet connections.  Be aware that some services will block a service if you're found to be using a VPN service and in some cases they will cancel your service entirely due to "stacking" issues in which several devices are being used for one service using a VPN to accomplish it.   If in doubt when using a service, turn off your VPN or risk losing your subscription, membership or service entirely.