getting real tired of renaming my devices

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I named all my devices from fing desktop and now its forgotten 90% of them, still remembers some but most of them are gone. Why does this keep happening, shouldn't you guys have figured this out by now. Running updated windows 10 and have android phones, this is the desktop app i'm talking about,


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    Hi @Jarcher12
    are you definitely looking at the desktop or the app? To make sure, click on the “burger” & select the Desktop network which us prefixed with “DM’ if you’re looking at the app it may explain the problem…

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    im ON MY PC looking at the Fing program /app so yes I'm very sure that I'm looking at my desktop app. This is not the first time Fing has "forgotten" all the names i have put in and its getting real tedious. one of the advantages of the fing program is the ability to name every device. This turns into a liability when you keep having to rename them every few weeks.
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    I confirm that problem, devices keep losing their names while using the App.
    Some devices that have been disconnected from the network/completely removed are still showing even after they are Removed on the App

    Another problem that makes the whole App unreliable is NOT syncing names between Fing Desktop and the iOS App/Current Wi-Fi. I can rename all my devices on Fing Desktop and when I go to iOS App to Scan devices on WI-FI, the same devices come with different names. Here is an example of the same Raspberry-Pi3 with 2 different names:

    After clicking on "See all devices" I get this:

    When I click on "Scan for devices: I get this:

    If I had Raspberry Pi3 and Raspberry Pi4 I couldn't tell which one is which.
    Renaming shouldn't be done once and synchronized since we all use the cloud, 
    doing it twice for every single device is tedious and annoying.

    For a paid service I would expect more from this app.
    Please make some adjustments and let people enjoy the app.