Outgoing WhatsApp Video worse since upgrading to Gigabit broadband

So I took the plunge and upgraded to gigabit broadband with Hyperoptic in the UK. Getting amazing speeds: 900mbit/s wired and as much as 250mbit/s wifi. But one thing has surprisingly got worse - people on WhatsApp video calls tell us our video is ALWAYS very poor, often labelled "poor connection".

This didn't happen before with my 60mbit/s Plusnet connection and I'm certain it's not my local environment, but something that is happening out on the Hyperoptic WAN. The reason is, the issue still remains since I switched out the supplied Nokia router for a eero Pro mesh. Plus switching my phone to cellular 4G fixes the issue immediately, consistently every time. 

We don't have similar problems with Zoom, Meet, Teams.

Getting support from Hyperopic is pointless. Phone & Live chat is friendly but script-only: they can only help with things I could find the answer to in their FAQs. And their "advanced" tech support take weeks to responds - with tickets being closed before they ever get back to me. And when they do, they will only help with their Nokia hub reinstated and suggest it's internal wifi issues, and that 50mbit on 2.4Ghz - they make me split it - might not be enough bandwidth

Hyperopic claim they do no traffic shaping but it's hard to test what's happening between the phone and WhatsApp servers, because it's an app. Any idea how I can find out what servers the app is hitting so I can run a trace?  


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    Any advice @Marc @Pixel

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    Hi @Gidster

    The following may be of use…


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    You could also do a traceroute from your phone and the desktop and see if your ISP is routing your connection differently.  You can also do this via the Fing desktop and mobile app (Not sure if its only a premium feature).

    For example, my desktop connection from the states is routed through Sweden for some reason for the WhatsApp site.
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