Problems seeing fingbox after switching to new iPhone

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I have recently purchased a new iPhone and set this up using a backup from my previous iPhone. Unfortunately my fing app no longer seems to be aware of my fingbox. How do I transfer the fingbox from the app on the old phone to the new one? I have a lot of configuration saved on the fingbox so don't really want to do any sort of factory resetting.

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    Hi @ababnz the fingbox is “tied” to your network & account not your iPhone, you should be able to see the box from any phone/tablet. The restore from the old iPhone is likely to be the problem, just delete the App and then reinstall it, hopefully that should resolve the problem. Let us know what happens. 


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    Thanks @Pixel

    @ababnz You may not have added Fingbox to your Home tab. To add Fingbox to your Home tab, please follow the steps below:

    • Sign in to the Fing app
    • From the Home tab, click on the "3 lines icon"
    • If your Fingbox is connected then it will show under My Fingboxes and below you will find all 'Monitored Networks'
    • Next to Fingbox network, there is Home icon. Either Long press or swipe on that network.
    • You will get an option to "Add to Home". Click on it
    • Hit Close

    If you want to swap to a different network as well, follow the same steps and from 'Scanned Networks' you can select your network and it will show all devices connected to it.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Robin and Pixel - thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.

    Robin - I tried your suggestion first without anyone luck

    Pixel - your suggestion did the trick and everything is now working fine. Many thanks