My Desktop is listed twice

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It is connected via Ethernet and has wifi capability. Before I checked Fing, the whole day I was getting an error from Google, saying it detected an unusual amount of request from my IP. I personally see this if I use Tor or a VPN.

The make of the PC initially said Hon something, like a Japanese name, which made me suspect a possible hijacking.


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    @Strick9 (nice handle :) ), if the desktop is also connecting via WiFi, you could be seeing this behavior.  Try either disabling the Wifi adapter or having it forget your wifi network and see if the 2nd entry goes away.  You might need to delete it once its disabled from Fing to see if this worked.  

    You could also just check the network settings to see if its connected and has the IP address's reported...
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    I have a similar problem with an Orbi mesh satellite. It is listed twice with the same IP address and same Mac address. The second occurrence only appeared in the last 24 hours. I have had this thing for months/years. The second instance was also blocked by Fing as a new device. I've unblocked it, but something is not right with Fing. 
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    Same here with an IP camera that has both wifi and wired capability.  It's connected via ethernet, and has been for months without issue, yet a couple days ago I suddenly started getting spammed with fing alerts claiming it was offline/online.  I had to turn fing alerts off for that device, even though I would like to know if it truly goes down.