Multiple fingbox on a campsite 100x100 meters for Digital Presence & Timeline

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we would like to install several fingbox systems at the fence and at the entrances to check guests of a campsite via Digital Presence and monitor the rooms in parallel inside with presence detectors. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that guests leave the campsite and then thieves try to get into the tents and bungalows to put things there. The idea is to monitor the presence or absence of guests with the fingbox and then trigger the alarm where the guests are not present, but someone is in the bungalow. Most of the guests have cell phones. Via camera you can quickly check if it is a stranger.

Can we install about 10 fingboxes for this purpose. Can we send a message to the video system via an API / SDK or via HTTP REST API and store an alarm there. Does this make sense or is only 1 fingbox per WLAN possible and useful.

Thanks for a tip.

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