Does the fingbox do anything now

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I use the Desktop app on my pc and on my android phone.

Before the desktop app, the phone app would give me the choice of scanning with the fingbox or just the phone, but now I use the Desktop app I never get any prompts to use the box. Is it not used anymore? Has the Desktop app replaced it? Shall I discard the box?

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    Hey @Jpldavidson, the Fingbox is a separate product from the desktop app and is made to work only with the Android or iOS mobile app.  While they have a number of features in common, the Fingbox is always on and will work even when the remote applications are not running (The desktop will stop working if the hosting system shuts down or goes to sleep).  Fingbox can be used to block unwanted devices from the internet and also be used to schedule when devices can access the network, to name a few.

    This is a desktop faq that may help ...
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