Unknown Email address linked to my Fing account

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This will give u an idea that fing has issues

My email is not the one pictured and I couldn’t remove that email and put in the right one

fingbox had given itself permission to use my Apple ID!!

once I find the pic that shows that I will add it here

i advise to only call Apple and never trust their word. Apples number is 1800 MY APPLE


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    Tagging @Robin from Fing for awareness.
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    If you suspect your Fingbox is hacked, remove it from your network asap.  Change your Fing account password.  
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    This does not look like a hacked Fingbox.  Looks more like a hacked or exposed Fing account.
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    Not hacked. You signed in using your Apple ID with the "Hide" option, thus the strange-looking apple email account. If you paid attention when you let apple sign you in there would have been two options, the default is to hide your apple id email address, the other one would display your actual apple id email address.
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    I don't have apple and it seems your observation is accurate, but I do have a question regarding the attached screenshot, specifically the platform version numbers. Are those version numbers proper? Is chrome OS on that version more or less and isn't the chrome browser version most currently on the version number witnessed in the iOS version specified in the screenshot? Not slacking specifically to this user's issues but just curious what I'm missing when seeing this output populate in those fields. Thanks.

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    Private relay email addresses have the following characteristics: They end in @privaterelay.appleid.com . They route emails to one of the Apple ID's verified email addresses.

    After the user has shared a private relay email address with your app, they can find, view, and manage it in their account settings at Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security > Apps Using Your Apple ID.
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