Hi all 👋 So I have two open ports and they’re both of the same router login page

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One of the links says danger could be a malicious site! Has anyone else seen this and how do I get rid of that particular open port! Or what can I or should I do about that thanks for any help



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    Hi @Ninerz49 , can you let us know which ports it’s detected? A screenshot perhaps?

    Also, in the case of a router, in many instances the ports it opens is via something called upnp. This is a service that allows a router to dynamically open a port based on a devices request. Almost all routers allow you to turn this off and it’s often recommended as a security step. You normally find the setting somewhere in the web admin app or a mobile app that manages your router.

    Once you do, disable the service (turn it off) and reboot the router. That should get rid of the open ports of concern.

    lastly, keep in mind some ports are open be default on a router like 80, 443 etc that it needs for it’s day to day operation.

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    So if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly:

    You have two open ports on your router, both lead to a login page. One of them gives you a warning page.

    Are those ports 80 and 443 by any chance? And I'm guessing the warning comes from port 443? If so the warning is simply telling you that the cert could not be verified. This isn't malicious.