how to setup digital fence

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Hi, I just did a complete reset of my fingbox and desktop app and mobile app. I want to use digital fence. warning when a device enters the network of when a new MAC address comes along..... don't know how to configure this
pls advice


  • Marc
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    Hi @robmat, this can only be done in the mobile app as the desktop does not support a Fingbox.

    If you are on the home page of the mobile app, select the Fingbox network, then see all devices.  Once you are on the devices screen, choose the people section.  Scroll down to the bottom and choose fence.  That will get you to the digital fence section.

    Select the various icons…

    • Type:  Everything all the time or just first seen
    • Time:  How far back do you want to see discovered devices
    • Signal:  How far away do you want the fence to see devices
    • … : Various setting you can select like seeing access points etc… 

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