Fingbox disconnection...possible solution

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Today someone near my network as able to disconnect my Fingbox remotely (i am surrounding by hackers). I had the alert on do it told me it was disconnected.

I was able to get it back online without going home by deleting the Fing app and reloading it! It took all of 5 minutes. Of course, the bigger question is how they were able to disconnect it in the first place?? But it help that the solution worked.


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    Hi @Spylady, I moved this to the Fingbox area for relevance.  Maybe someone from the community can help you with your question?  @rooted, @Pixel, @Robin, any ideas?
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    Hi @Spylady
    To update you, Fingbox can only be managed by Fing app and we use AWS server which follow strict security so it will not be feasible to hack Fingbox. I would advice you to check with your ISP and if possible get your router changed and then set up new login credentials to your router.
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