What happened to my Post and related questions

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From time to time, you might find yourself posting to the threads and not seeing it on the site after you hit submit.  One reason could be that you did something counter to the forums or communites rules, but it more instances then not, its because your account has not been verified and as results the sites spam filter has trapped your post.

There is an easy one to fix with the best way to avoid this is by verifying your account.  Go to your avatar on the top right of the page and click through.  Choose to view your profile...  If your verified you should see something along the lines of this...

... if you don't, click on the not verified link and follow whatever instructions it gives you to verify.  Thats it...   Hope this helps...
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    Thanks for your post @Marc. Really helpful to all users whose multiple comments or posts are picked up as Spam by platform because the account is not verified. :smile: 

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