Is Fing Desktop 2.5.1 email announcement real and why does the installer fail without logging

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I received a notice to upgrade to 2.5.1 manually stating that the Extended Validation Certificate change being implemented might keep the software from automatic upgrading. Is this a real notice? I have attempted to run the executable (which seems like an odd download) as signed by Lansweeper. The installation begins but then the window disappears without any information. My desktop is still showing as a 2.4.X version. Attempted to check release notes before posting here only to see the last release notes were posted in July 2020.  Feels like Lansweeper is killing this application.  Any recommendations to troubleshoot installer if this is a real release?


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    I have the same problem. Steps to solve it:
    1. download the file only from the fing site.
    2. uninstall de previous version
    3. run the new installer
    4. now you will see the right fing desktop version

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    Perhaps not an appropriate follow up but I'll start here. Fing under new ownership seems to want to be more secure but the use of npcap OEM seems completely unmanaged. I've uninstalled the fing desktop in anticipation of helping the new installer actually install. I couldn't help but notice that Npcap OEM software which I understand to be the replacement tool used by fing did not uninstall. The product, as installed by fing desktop links to which receives a browser security alert because its security certificate says it is (the word insecure). Visiting directly eventually reveals an npcap oem license but reads like it is actually for integrating their functions into your own software products. Not installing theirs a surprise in the users installed programs list. This isn't integrated when uninstalling fing leaves it fully installed on your machine.  I reread the Terms of Service for fing desktop in this new installer and there is no mention of a requirement of me to allow installation of stand alone software, the license of which isn't presented so it must be fully covered by fing's own. If version 2.5.1 is to improve signing certificates, doesn't real security begin with not silently installing additional software that hasn't been mentioned in the terms I agreed to? Software that provides seriously powerful functions for any program or script attempting to run on my system.  Software that will reside there indefinitely as fing desktop forgets about it on when being uninstalled? 
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    I don't know where you got your download link. Here is mine
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    Same problem with failure to uninstall.  I'm really becoming concerned, and disenchanted, with Fing.
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