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Hi all thanks for letting me join in just curious to know if anyone knows what this might be using my hotspot on my iPhone, it isn’t any device of mine I recently got a new phone and new sim and I’ve been vigilant in not connecting heaps of devices to my hotspot only my iPad, this is all I know

50:14:79:87:7b:4 is the device name presumably I’ve googled but can’t find anything any help will be greatly appreciated

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    The number in the name I believe represent a MAC address.  If your seeing it in the name Fing is giving the device its probably because Fing can't identify it correctly.  If I do a search of the first 3, that is 50:14:79, Wireshark Mac address lookup identifies it as an iRobot device.   Do you have a Roomba?

    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
  • Gavalar
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    Thanks Marc your a champion that’s it I’ve just bought one,hahaha feel a bit silly now I should have known I’ve been scratching my head for days thanks heaps problem solved 👍

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