What's my speed?

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I recently upgraded my Comcast internet to 600/15. When I run speed checks, I get numbers all over the place. If I use the Google speed test, Comcast test, Ookla, etc., the numbers are wildly different. The only one that seems somewhat reliable to me is the one built into my Linksys router as it's the first stop on my network from our cable modem. That test will show 580-ish and only 5Mbps upload. I would think that I should see closer to 15, no? What gives?


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    @Tony_F, If your Linksys router is like mine (I have a Velop, though the same was true for other Linksys that I owned), they use Speedtest for their testing provider.  And yes, wildly different results from different testing sites is not unusual.  There are many factors that determine your numbers.  The server they pick, what algorithm they use, time of day, route etc...  For me as a rule of thumb, best bet is to stick to one test you like and stay with it.  Use it to benchmark an average number and then if it varies from the benchmark, you know you have a problem.  

    As an absolute accurate number, I find most of them lacking.
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