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When I do a hidden cam scan; everything shows up clean except at top it says 4 active devices, what does this mean ? Also I noticed tiny tiny pin holes in my ceiling, wouldn’t Fing pick up any cameras whether they need WIFI or not ? I unplug my Motem at night, does this stop anyone from watching with a cam ?


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    I’m not sure what your answer is :? Can u please be more clear; I’m really not to smart at tech ? Thanks

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    sorry mate 
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    I'll leave it to one of the Fing experts to answer the question about active devices since I've never seen that personally.

    Here's a link that may be useful:

    As you'll read in this there are a number of other steps you can take to reassure yourself.

    Remember there are situations too, where cameras can be connected to another network other than your wi-fi - say, for example, a neighbors. Removing your modem would not prevent these intrusion of privacy vectors.

    I hope this info helps you out.